Sustainable Fashion PLATFRM


What do you know about sustainability? Well, we are all about it so we would love to give you a look into our world. At Dom Amsterdam we create fanny packs and tote bags from leftover fabrics because, let’s be honest, that old curtain of yours could be put to a better use.

Let’s start with upcycling, turning worn out items or products into new ones with a different purpose. The perfect option for our planet of course, saving resources while satisfying the consumption-hunger of us humans. Your old bottles can be used as flower pots and your old curtains might as well become a trendy fanny pack.

At Dom Amsterdam we gather a lot of leftover fabrics and give them a new life by using them for the production of our fanny packs and tote bags. In a small atelier in Amsterdam two extremely experienced tailors make even the poorest quality piece of fabric look and feel like new. It is magical to see leftover fabrics turn into such beautiful items.

We figure you have probably checked out the shop for yourself to see our bags’ pretty designs. But there is more to it, there is a whole story behind them. Next to using leftover fabrics instead of new ones, we at Dom Amsterdam hold ourselves to the highest standards of sustainability. At first, we are fully transparent about the way we do business. We believe that the only way to truly reach a more sustainable fashion industry is by being open, so consumers can take a well-informed choice as well as keep their favorite brands accountable for their business practices.

What else is there we do? We use recycled envelopes for our shipment, only produce locally and (partly) employ two former-refugees so they are able to sustain a life in The Netherlands.

Because we truly believe in sustainability and because we are truly trying our best to hold ourselves to the highest standard we feel extremely honored to have earned a spot on PLATFRM, the webshop for sustainable fashion. PLATFRM gathers brands like us, upcoming and sustainable, all in one place so they also get a (more equal) chance of reaching a lot of people and thereby of making a larger positive impact. Honestly, go check it out!